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Contacts are the people and companies you do business with. Manage history of emails, notes, tasks, projects and any other way that you do business. Staying in touch with your contacts is super important. Fuel provides the tools you need to manage your operations: coordinate projects, set tasks, create email campaigns, plus create tasks for sales and marketing for you internally or for others.. Know what’s happening with new prospects and frequently communicate by keeping your name in their inbox.

Projects run your business, so you must run your projects. Each Project has its own calendar, tasks, budget, files, staff and tracking. Staff can postback regarding a task and the messages are sent via email to all staff devices. The string of responses is visible and organized. Do you have more than 1 Project at work. FUEL helps you organize them all.

Files are shared among Staff easily.  Set staff permissions for folders and utilize artwork for mass email campaigns. Share blueprints with your staff. Attach files to Contacts, Tasks, Projects and Emails. Keep files organized and easy to find and never lose important files again via email again.

Emails: mass email campaigns at your fingertips. Create beautiful templated layouts for newsletters or a simple reminder of your specials this weekend. Since edits are a snap, save the templates and use them again.  Group Contacts by your own criteria and send them a templated email. It can be a simple as doing a mass email about your birthday….. To your friends. 🙂  Friends included in FUELcrm. The message and frequency is all yours.

Tasks will keep your company running smoothly and on time. Plan your week out and attach the right staff to the task. Set reminders that sends alerts to all staff involved.  The postback feature gives you and your team a string of communication regarding the Task. The Task in Task Master and Task in the Project Center work independent of each other.

Drip email campaigns give you an opportunity to keep your name fresh in the minds of your potential clients. Send a single email or a chain of emails that go out on timed delivery. Keep your name in their inbox and tell them you were thinking of them, even though you set it up months before.
Sticky Notes are an way to save notes or reminders for yourself or others on the team. Send a Sticky Note as a reminder to everyone reminding them about the morning donuts. Post your days activities in Sticky Notes. Set reminders and stay in close contact to your colleges with Sticky Notes.
Social media is only as good as you use it. Social Booster in FUEL is what makes social easy. Set your social channels, then every morning quickly tap-out for quick post. Post and repost as often as you like. Your social channels are right on the FUEL dashboard. Use social and you will get results!!

Contact Relations Management…

Manage all your contacts. Organize your client projects. Maintain strong communication with your staff while you monitor your business workflow.

File Sharing…

Never lose an important document again. Attach files to Contacts, Projects, Tasks or Emails. Folder permissions to staff and virtual offices will keep staff focused on their tasks and give easy access to important files. Access and use files in email templates, assign to contacts or as part of a project.

Mass Email Blast…

Why jump over to another program to send out a Mass Email Blast? Group your Contacts, design a newsletter email about you or your business and blast it out to the people you need most, customers. Why shuffle your list of Contacts from one program to another. FUEL is your power that keeps your business together.

Email Drip…

Send a steady stream of emails to potential customers. Drip campaigns give you an opportunity to keep your name fresh in the minds of your potential clients. Group the email templates and set a custom time for each email to be delivered.

Email Templates…

Create beautiful templated layouts for newsletters, business updates, special offerings of your product line. Templates can be grouped together and assigned to virtual offices where Staff use them for communication. Simple email communication will keep you in front of your contacts. The message and frequency is all up to you.

Sticky Notes…

Digital notes that you send and save for yourself or send to other staff. Post your days activities in Sticky Notes and set reminders that get sent to your email. Easy to send and a great way to communicate with others in your company. Need a quick reminder of a meeting, post a Sticky Note to everyone involved.

Task Manager…

Setting up tasks in your staff’s calendar is easy.  Reminder alerts are emailed and the postback messages will provide the staff a string of communication. Keep your company running smoothly and on time with the necessary files in our Task Manager.   (Tasks in Task Manager and Tasks in the Project Center work independent of each other.)

Project Center…

The Project Center that will scale to your project size. Assign staff to project, share files, conference in the discussion room,  create tasks for each stage of the project’s workflow. Each Project has its own calendar, tasks, budget, files, staff and tracking. Increase communication between staff with our tasks postback messaging. The string of responses is visible and organized for accountability.

Virtual Offices…

Give Staff permission to access Virtual Offices. Assign your Staff as many virtual offices as they should be in. Move Contacts from one office to another depending on your business model and workflow. Marketing materials like email templates, files, images or videos, can be assigned to certain offices and staff for pinpoint communication.

Social Channels…

Social channels are on FUEL’s dashboard. Those channels could be your company or channels you are managing. Manage your social post and responses about your company at your fingertips in FUEL. Social media is only as good as you use it and now it’s easier than ever.  Use social marketing and you will get results!


Mailing Lists..

Residential – Consumer – Business

Media Center…

Stock Photos – Vector Art – Videos & Music

The swiss army knife of CRM’s.



1 Staff
25000 Contacts
25000 Emails
1 gig Storage


3 Staff
50,000 Contacts
10,000 Emails
1.5 gig Storage


10 Staff
75,000 Contacts
25,000 Emails
3 gig Storage


20 Staff
100,000 Contacts
25,000 Emails
5 gig Storage


Add more Staff, Contacts, Emails or Storage ala cart to keep up with  your growing business.


as low as
2.50/ Staff


as low as
15.00/ 30000 Contacts


as low as
300.00/ 200000 emails


as low as
12.00/ 50gigs